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crickhollow v0.8.0.0-alpha

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Released: Aug 13, 2007
Updated: Aug 14, 2007 by borrillis
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Release Notes

Global Changes:
  • Some code reorganizations ( Grouping fields and their properties together, etc )
  • Started removing Weak Type collections with Generics
  • Plugins updated top reflect core engine changes
Exception to this is OpenGL, it's still under construction

Namespace : Axiom.Animating
Added AnimationStateSet
Removed AnimationStateCollection
Added Pose
  • A pose is a linked set of vertex offsets applying to one set of vertex data;
  • used in the Facial Animation Demo
Added AttachmentPoint
Added Animable and IAnimable
  • Defines an object property which is animable, ie may be keyframed.
  • Needs to be implemented using Generics
Updated Animation
  • Added NumericAnimationTracks property
  • Added VertexAnimationTracks property
Updated AnimationTrack
  • Class is now abstract, use derived class for specific implementations
  • Many properties and methods refactored into the subclasses implementations
Added NodeAnimationTrack
Added NumericAnimationTrack
Added VertexAnimationTrack
Updated AnimationState
Updated Bone
Updated KeyFrame
Updated Skeleton
Updated SkeletonInstance
  • Added MasterSkeleton Property
  • Added RemoveTagPointFromBone Method
Updated TagPoint
  • Added FullTransform Property - Gets the transform of the node including the parent entity and skeleton.
Added VertexAnimationType Enumeration
  • Types of vertex animations
Added VertexDataBindChoice Enumeration
  • Identify which vertex data we should be sending to the renderer
Added VertexAnimationTargetMode Enumeration
  • Do we do vertex animation in hardware or software?
  • See the Demos for how to update your code for these changes

Namespace : Axiom.Core
Updated AnimationState
  • Removed CopyTo; duplicate of CopyFrom
  • Added Copy Constructor
  • Added Parent Property
  • Removed FaceDirectionOfMotion property
Updated Entity
  • Updated for changes in AnimationState
  • Replaced AnimationStateCollection references with AnimationStateSet
  • Added support for Software and Hardware vertex blending
Added GeometryBucket
  • A GeometryBucket is a the lowest level bucket where geometry with
the same vertex & index format is stored. It also acts as the
renderable for Static Geometry.
Added LODBucket
  • A LODBucket is a collection of smaller buckets with the same LOD in Static Geometry.
Added MaterialBucket
  • A MaterialBucket is a collection of smaller Static Geometry buckets with the same
Material (and implicitly the same LOD).
Added MeterManager and related classes
  • For performance monitoring
Updated Mesh
  • Added support for LOD
  • Added Method GetTrackHandle
  • Added Method RemoveSubMesh
  • Added Method HasAnimationState
  • Added Method ContainsAnimation
Updated MeshManager
  • Refactored some large methods
  • Added some convience indexers
Updatged MoveableObject
  • added IAnimable implementation
Updated Node
  • Added Updated and Destroyed Events
Added ProgressiveMesh
  • Class for handling multiple levels of detail for a Mesh
Added Region
  • The details of a topological region which is the highest level of partitioning for Static Geometry.
Updated ResourceManager
  • Added Convience properties for protected Collections
  • Added Remove Method
  • Added code to manually load resource if not in cache
Updated Root
  • Added FPS Smoothing
  • Added CompositorManager
  • Added FPS Limits
  • Added rendering suspension
  • Added Meters for performance monitoring
Updated SceneManager
  • Added properties for most protected collections
  • Added more Shadowing features
  • Updated for changes in StaticGeometry, RibbonTrails, Animation
Updated SceneManagerEnumerator
  • Added Indexer property
Updated SceneNode
  • Added Meters for performance monitoring
Added StaticGeometry.cs
  • Added OptimisedSubMeshGeometry
- Struct holding geometry optimised per SubMesh / LOD level, ready for copying to instances.
  • Added SubMeshLodGeometryLink
- Saved link between SubMesh at a LOD and vertex/index data
  • Added QueuedSubMesh
- Structure recording a queued submesh for the build
  • Added QueuedGeometry

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